Who would have thought…

It’s interesting what can happen with a couple of wrong turns when travelling Sydney’s M4 on a Saturday morning.

The Bears found themselves parked in a paddock and joining the queue of party-harders waiting to get in to Defqon.1

Had we been better prepared for what lay ahead we would’ve had the chance to get our stomp on and fully unite with the crowd in our love of hard dance.  We looked at each other  “what the hell … yaaa- ree- ba … let’s go!”

We met one of our fellow beasts … we wanted to take him home … but sadly he didn’t hang around

Onwards … camera’s in paw we surveyed the surrounds, eyed the characters, hatched a plan, manoeuvred the crowd, seized many an unforgettable moment and came away with a bunch of images worthy of the massive day that was … yep … who would’ve thought an innocuous drive into Sydney’s Western plains would have offered up such a cool experience – loved it!!

… as Sophie B Hawkins once said “damn, wish I’d worn my fluro”