The Bears continue their 2D Backgrounds hunt


2D Backgrounds












There’s nothing like winter to lure a Bear out of its den and where’s one of the coldest cities in Australia? That would have to be Canberra so we packed up the Bear-mobile and headed South to the city of Politicians. It was refreshingly bracing down there – just as Winter should be – early mornings cold and crisp, frost on the ground, fog in the air. It didn’t take long to find what we came in search of – abstract architecture, tunnels and bridges. We came away with a collection of images to justify the cold and to make that trip worthwhile.













To continue the momentum we extended our travels – next stop the deep heart of New Zealand. Another frosty, foggy and chilly experience. There we piled on the layers, cranked up the heat in the chariot and went in search of new inspiration. It didn’t take long for the weathered eye of Chief Big Bear to capture some of New Zealand’s finer offerings.  Once again we were spoilt for choice and left their shores with a bounty to fill some of the gaps we were missing.

Committed to offering the finest library of Australian and New Zealand 2D Backgrounds and 360 HDRI Domes  the Bears will continue to source, hunt and rummage their way to bring you more of what you see here

We hope you enjoy.