Fresh Stock

The Backplate & 360° HDR Dome Specialists

BearStock can help save you time and money when creating advertising solutions for your automotive clients. We offer an extensive collection of 2D Backgrounds, CG Environments, 360 HDRI domes and high quality stock photos specifically tailored for the automotive industry. The accompanying technical data is of the highest quality.

Every vehicle needs to be showcased at its most desirable angle and with this in mind we offer as many perspectives with each location as possible to make the selection process quick, effective and simple.

Our photographic and CG created backplates are multi-functional – used to refresh the backgrounds on existing assets, as an environment in to which 3D data can be integrated or simply as stand alone imagery. Designed for, but not limited to the automotive industry each backplate is of consistent quality and resolution and so offers the option to create your own unique image by integrating elements from various images without compromising the quality.

Where possible the backplate images have accompanying 360 HDRI Domes. When used in conjunction with our 2D backgrounds or CG backplates, BearStock’s 360° High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI) or “domes” provide the perfect lighting and environment reflections. Alternately, the domes can be used as virtual environments for 360º walkarounds or configurators to support your product.