2D Backgrounds, 360 HDRI Domes and good times on the road

On the road again … just can’t wait to get on the road again. Yep that was us!

This time a 12 hour road trip from Sydney to Melbourne with a stop over half way to smell the country air in Albury. Always on the lookout for new and worthy locations we managed a couple of interesting bridges in the country regions along with a healthy smattering of city scenes when we arrived in Melbourne

Chief Big Bear was as happy as a Bear can be sniffling and rummaging his way through the  country wilds and the urban chaos. Melbourne’s a great city and staying in St. Kilda – well … never a dull moment … how fortunate we found this cup as we do enjoy a good strong brew …

The city days were taken care of with visits to our favourite agencies and meetings with clients old and new, searching and shooting. The nights meanwhile – well, exploring and enjoying Melbourne’s culinary delights of course, more shooting, more drinking and eating, more shooting, more eating, a little more drinking and not necessarily in that order!

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Bye bye for now and as we say at The Bear Stock Den … tails up for a happy hunt