License Terms

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BearStock owns the copyright in all BearStock images. Bear Stock images are licensed only. Each licence sold is subject to the these Licence Terms and the licence terms on the quotation supplied by BearStock on request, as set out below, regardless of any form of purchase order or other communication you make to BearStock before or after your purchase:

1. You must comply strictly with these Licence Terms and the licence terms on the quotation, including limitations on usage such as duration of the licence, nature of usage permitted, quantity and/or usage territory. Any use outside these limitations will be a breach of the copyright in the image in respect of which BearStock may seek mandatory orders to cease such further infringing use as well as financial remedies, including additional damages for flagrancy.

2. Unless otherwise specified, BearStock images may be reasonably cropped, colorized or rendered into monotone, but under no circumstances is the image to be altered or used in any way as to bring discredit or harm to BearStock, including but not limited to any use in advocating violence or the use of weapons of any kind, smoking or smoking products or illegal drug usage or in conjunction with any form of pornography.

If you are in any doubt as to a permitted usage, please contact Bear Stock to confirm the scope of licence granted.

Obtaining a Licence

You may request a quotation with respect to any image by completing the request for quotation form provided on this site. By applying for a licence, you warrant that you have the authority to do so. On application specifying your requirements, BearStock will provide you with a quotation, or seek further information before providing a quotation for a licence of the image.

Please Note: The terms of the licence granted will be as set out in the quotation which, together with these Licence Terms will apply to your use of the image. Under no circumstances will any additional or different terms, whether included in or attached to any communication to Bear Stock by you or any person on your behalf form part of the terms of any licence from BearStock , and all such additional or different terms are hereby expressly negatived and excluded.

Payment and Delivery

If you accept the terms of quotation, payment must be made using the “Payments” pages (which are provided by a secure link to a payment service provider, such as PayPal). After the authorisation of your PayPal payment, you will receive an email confirming the licence of the images you have ordered together with an order number, password and link to an .ftp download address. BearStock is not responsible for the conduct of your selected payment provider. There may be a delay in the accessibility of the licensed image. Regardless of the term of the licence granted, the image will only be available for download for 7 days. If you fail to download the image licensed within that time, you will need to contact BearStock to make special arrangements for download, for which there may be an extra administrative charge payable. If BearStock agrees to supply a physical format image, packing & postage charges will apply. If payment is via Bear Stock invoice our payment terms are 30 days from invoice date and usage beyond the due date without payment is considered “illegal use”
If you become aware of any unlicensed uses of images supplied to you by BearStock, you must inform Bear Stock immediately and take all reasonable steps to assist Bear Stock take action against the unauthorised user should you be requested by BearStock to do so.

Changes, Errors and Cancellations

It is your responsibility to inform BearStock immediately of any errors in delivery of your image licensed so that the error may be corrected and the correct image made available for download. Delivery of an incorrect image will not result in a grant of licence with respect to the incorrect image and you must delete all forms of storage of it as soon as you discover the error. Once a purchase has been processed, you may not change or cancel it. No refunds or credits will be given under any circumstances.


BearStock’s liability for any cause in respect of the supply of images is limited to the payments made by you to Bear Stock for the image to the full extent permitted by law and except as imposed by the Australian Consumer Law and/or any equivalent local statute, all other warranties (express or implied and arising by virtue of statute or otherwise) and all other liability, including for physical or financial consequential loss or damage (including loss of profit) and whether arising from negligence or otherwise are excluded.


For licensees in Australia, prices quoted include GST and the order confirmation you receive will be your tax invoice.

Refund Policy

No return or refund will be permitted.

Release Clearances:

Except where the Licensee is notified that a model and or property release has not been obtained, all images containing models and or property are cleared for creative and editorial use by way of a signed model and or property release. Images shot from publicly accessible places do not require copyright releases.

Applicable law

These Licence Terms and any licence you may obtain to use a BearStock image is governed by the laws of New South Wales.


The protection of the privacy of the personal information you provide to us in the course of sale is important to us. Please see BearStock’s Privacy Policy for details.


All contact with BearStock may be made by email to info(AT)bearstock.com