Urban Pontoon – the perfect addition to our 2D Backgrounds

Just sent out our latest news last week!  Take a look here where you’ll instantly be bought up to speed with the latest goings on here at the Bear den.

This time we were all about how much we can achieve in a day’s shoot when we put our mind to it.  Scheduling like maniacs we were committed, dedicated with no margin for error and we loved it.  We started in the city at dawn, took a drive to the Australian tennis centre, out to the beach, back to the city and then an amble back to the office when the darkness started to close in.

Since then there’s been more imagery.  New locations, new offerings and new experiences.  Take a quick look – fancy placing your SUV on a pontoon?

We also need to remind you we are always happy to offer up RAW files if you’re concerned the retouched files aren’t quite to your tastes.  Just remember our retouched files are clean of any building signage, graffiti, street trash and are lightly graded.  This may not appeal and so you are always free to licence the RAWs as an option – just let us know.

We know our imagery intimately and so if you would like us to help you with an image search we’d be delighted.  Just email us your layout / your thoughts / your brief and we’ll take it from there.  Easy.

Happy days and happy hunting from us here at the Bear den.