2D Backgrounds: Backplates from Down Under

Just right for our hemisphere …



We like to think of Bear Stock as providers of imagery relevant to our unique market and to this side of the world. Specialising in Australian and New Zealand content we’d like to share the true essence of ‘Down Under’ so come with us … let’s take a drive

… from dry and arid outback country roads 


… to the rich and sleek city environments





… and way beyond



We invite you to take a look through the collection and if you can’t find what you’re after let us know and we’ll fine tune the hunt for you.

Before we wrap the trip let’s take a look at a couple of classic Aussie icons we came across on our travels. We love Down Under …




Don’t forget the 360 HDRI domes!

The Bears are pushing the boundries and dodging traffic to offer up matching or compatible domes where-ever possible. All you need for your environment & lighting reflections from a single source our HDR domes are available as render domes and virtual environments.

Until next time … happy hunting from the Bear Stock den