Thank you Melbourne


A recent trip down to Melbourne gave me the chance to enjoy another city for a few days, to meet new people and to gauge the interest of our Southern friends in our Bear Stock offer and I have to say I enjoyed every minute.

Every meeting I had was insightful, at times entertaining, at other times a little more serious but always positive.  At the end of three days I came back to Sydney empowered, enlightened and full of positive energy which remains with me.  It really is good to meet new people in a business sense, to open the door to maintaining fresh ideas and to take the opportunity to dig a little deeper on what and who we are.

Bear Stock has been live now for 7.5 months and as much as it’s early days for us – I have to say I’ve never been happier to work with two of the most talented photographers this country has to offer.  We will continue to nurture Bear Stock and continue the hard work so each time you visit the site you’ll see something new and relevant with a quality that helps set us apart from the rest.

Trips are planned to diversify the content as we keep moving forward – and with these trips will be more stories, more images and adventures.

Stay tuned …