Bear Stock 2D Backgrounds work with car angles

Let’s take a look at how our 2D backgrounds are shot with your car angles in mind. The Bear Stock photographers have been shooting cars, trucks and motorbikes on location for the past decade or so and know instinctively the preferred or classic angle for most vehicles out there.   We’ll happily do a search for you refined not only by the 2D back plate ‘scene’ you’re after but also how you want your car to be seen – the angle that best defines its selling point. You know that angle and now you just need the perfect back plate to complete the picture.  Each week you’ll notice we’re uploading more roads and 360 HDRI domes ranging from city to country, coastal to inland, tunnels, bridges and wharves.

You might like to take a quick look at what we have on offer for our broader selection of back plates and  check out the grey render / clay model samples included in this blog.

You’ll notice we’ve featured four classic car angles and rendered the model on to what we consider to be a multi functional  back plate.  Variations on the street view show a great example of how a minor adjustment to the back plate perspective can offer so much option from just one scene.  Where possible we like to offer as many variations on any one location as we are able therefore allowing you a choice on perspective and angle for your final selection.

Front 9/10








Front 7/8








Front 3/4








Side 7/8