A spin around the city with this week’s 2D Backgrounds

City backgrounds by day are our feature this week.  In our 2D backplates category you’ll see some of the most iconic city images you’re likely to find anywhere.  From morning shots of the city to images captured in the mid day light to images in last light.  City roads we are learning are as in demand as we hoped they would be.

The architecture, the roads and the structures the city offers are a photographers paradise – just got to make sure you juggle the traffic and don’t end up taking in the sights from the back of an ambulance.  Always a real option if you’re caught up in the moment!

The peace and serenity of the city in the first day light can be entirely captivating – before the office workers fill the roads with cars and pedestrian life the city is there for the photographer to shoot.  Limited only by his lens and imagination he’s able to do what he has to to capture the city at peace and the roads uncluttered.

The city offers something different each time we take a spin.  An older sandstone building standing as proud as the day it was built – just down the road from an office block that seems to have been erected over night.  New architecture challenges the old and that’s what we love.