New Zealand at her finest

Sunshine, beaches, New Zealand’s native Pohutakawa Trees in full crimson bloom and the native Tui birds doing their noisy Tui thing – it doesn’t get much better. What a great side step over the ditch. We just returned from another New Zealand adventure and can I say what an awesome time of the year to hit the roads and northern beaches of that beautiful country.

The Bears threw off all vestiges of winter and embraced the opportunity to capture more high quality stock photos and of course the all important 360 HDRI Domes – More great content for Bear Stock! Check out the latest 

We even met a fellow Bear – had to stop to say hi and snap him in action … proudly guarding over the Auckland Yacht squadron

The long dusk evenings threw us the best opportunity to shoot late into the evening – did you know NZ is one of the first countries in the world to see the dawn light and the last to lose the light? Amazing we managed to snag this freeway without traffic…

The next day the tides we so low there was no way you’d consider a quick spin around the harbour … oops!

A day trip over the channel to Waiheki Island took 30 minutes by ferry and was in true New Zealand spirt the most magical place. The views, the scenery, the exhausting bush walks, the pleasure of finally finding that winery – the inspiration for losing my radar on the exhausting bush walk and the reason why my horizon line was still …well … finding its horizon  (sorry Urs!)


Before we jumped the plane back to Sydney there was a wharf to shoot and here’s Chief Big Bear in action. Until next time, we wish you a happy hunt and hope we can help you find that perfect environment to showcase your vehicle.