It’s time for a break!

A wave goodbye to 2014 and a big thanks for the support we’ve received. It’s been a time of growth, relationship building and consolidation for us Bear’s and now it’s time to take a well earned break!

We’ve bought you a steady stream of 2D Backgrounds and 360 HDRI Domes throughout 2014 and have embraced the challenge of keeping the shelves stocked and helping you find the perfect 2D backplate or Dome for your projects. We love helping with image searches – we figure no one knows our collection quite like we do and so welcome the opportunity to guide you through the process quickly and easily.

We’ll be back on board from Monday January 5 – checking in on emails and messages all the while.

Until next we speak we wish you a very happy New Year and will leave you with a collection of relaxing images to help slide you into the holiday spirit and celebrate all that is Australia …

Stay safe, stay hunting and as the fat bear says if you’d like to follow us we’d love to have you …