New addition to 2D Backgrounds and 360 HDRI Categories

Bear Stock is excited to welcome a new bear to the den …CG artist Dario Bulfone… and he’s creating something very special…

Computer generated environments imagined and visualised with unparalleled detail and sharpness. To accommodate any angle required these environments are available in varied camera heights, lens lengths and viewpoints. The file usage is Infinite from web to large supersites and come with perfect 360º HDRI Domes for reflections, lighting reference and mapping. If you fancy something a little abstract, sleek and unique take a look at the  CG Environments collection so far.

Whether it’s a simple concrete floor or more complex and elaborate set-up, these back-plates create a unique setting to showcase your vehicle. CG Environments are supplied standard, with camera lens specs and heights so you can start visualising immediately.

We want you to produce great work, that’s why we supply and render all CG Environments as 16 bit images. This gives you the flexibility to use these images as supplied or you can take it a step further and grade these images to suit your vision.

As an added bonus, if you require an adjustment to any of these CG Environments, they can be re-rendered by applying alternative textures or materials.

We create unique CG Environments that make vehicles look great; that showcase their features and invoke an emotional response.

Anything is possible, just ask!