From the rustic warehouses of Australia to the sweeping beauty of New Zealand …


Well Hello Hunters!

Welcome to this our info-blog. A little on us …
We specialise in Auto Environments from Down Under – perfect for this market and beyond. Backplate locations & 360º HDR Domes ready to refresh existing assets, support your 3D builds or perfect as stand alone imagery.

Let’s take a look at the latest Bear Stock has to offer …


More Aquatic Parking Platforms


… and wine drinking districts


More views to forever …


… and sweeping coastal roads


More cement carparks & bunkers


… and Alpine parking platforms

The Before’s and the After’s

You’re looking for a new environment to refresh an existing asset? This is where we can help.
Take a look …

UB_ROA_0316  UB_ROA_0316

Or … creating a 3D Auto and need a background and an HDR Render Dome? That’s our thing too!

blog-BearStock Part A copy  blog-BearStock Part B copy


The good stuff …

If you’re short on time give us a shout and we’ll jump on an image search for you. From coastal highways to rugged country environments or a cityscape that speaks to urban-dwellers chances are we have something to match your brief.

You may only require certain elements from an image and so we offer the cost-effective option of licensing only what you need. You can mix and match to create your own unique image at no additional cost.

You require a file for layout purposes? Non-watermarked Images for layouts and presentations are quick & easy. Just click on the File Download link top right on the splash page. You’ll be prompted to register or login.

If we can help with pricing or you have any questions let’s talk!

Happy Hunting …

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