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Let’s take a roadtrip …
We’ve been busy shooting … loads of new stock to check out from rural to urban.

We specialise in environments for your Auto’s. Photographic or CG Backplate locations & 360º HDR Domes ready to refresh existing assets, support your 3D builds or simply as stand alone imagery.

Created here in the Southern Hemisphere – perfect for this market and beyond!


More Inner City

UB_ROA_1474   UB_ROA_1483

More sunrise & sunset                         More roads & water


More city in Dawn light

HDR Domes

blog-Renault On Sand

Our 32bit radiance .hdr files are shot in tandem with the Backplate Environments to assist the retouchers with lighting & environment references for a 3D build. Due to their high resolution the HDR Dome can also be used as a Virtual Environment for the animation of 3D objects, walk-arounds, visualisors or 360º configurators.

The good stuff …

You fancy what you see on site and you’re after a non-watermarked file for layouts?
Happy days you’re at the right place!

Simply click on the File Download link top right on the splash page. You’ll be prompted to register or login prior to access and the rest is easy.

We’re always available to help with an image search or provide a quick turnaround price – just ask!
Start your hunt …

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