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Backplates in all conditions …

Are budget challenges, weather threats and schedule ridiculousnesses threatening to unhinge the campaign and your sanity? Not least of all this one has to work on multi platforms from web to mega billoards. Yikes!

Come take a look at Bear Stock... We specialise in Auto environments – shot in Australia and NZ. Perfect for our Southern Hemisphere market and the greater global reach.

Refresh your existing assets, support your 3D object builds or use our HDRI’s as Render Domes or Virtual Worlds

Here’s the latest from the Den. Give us 5 minutes and let your mind take the trip.






What works?

We thought this range of Range Rover’s looking right at home on one of our Mountain Vistas deserved a showcase. Thanks to our friends at Spark44.

The rest is easy …

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Our HDRI Domes are some of the best you’ll find anywhere. Check out the selection here

Our pricing is based on your usage detail. We’re nimble and we get that one size does not fit all. Budgets can be the challenge and we’ll always do our best. Send Josie your brief for a super fast response.

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