Conceptual high quality stock photos

This week we’re briefly moving away from roads and we’ll concentrate on our conceptual category.  Our guys love the chance to showcase the images that come from the creative brain, making a statement  and having an outlet.  We’re featuring four images from this category so let’s take a look at the background behind each one.


Let’s start with the teabag guy… love this shot!  An unconventional approach to letting off steam.  The patterned wallpaper is the perfect backdrop to showcase the detail in the image.We see this photo being perfectly utilised as a quirky take on anything from the need for a new kettle to blowing off steam.  The possibilities limited only by the imagination.




Or what about this one …  The world sucked dry speaks volumes.  A shrivelled globe –  the consequences of global warming, over population, world drought and the systematic abuse of the planet on a global scale.  So much said so simply…


Is the glass half full or half empty … doesn’t it depend on how you look at it?



It’s a numbers game … chance …probability …taking a risk, a gamble.  Shot at the time of the Global Financial Crisis when the financial world was burning and the heat was on …