We’re travelling coastal roads for this week’s 2D backgrounds


Welcome to our coastal roads blog – lots to talk about here with some of our images worth checking out too.



These roads have remained high on the Bear Stock ‘must have’ list as they signify the great escape from the grind of every day city life.  Work demands, habits and responsibilities tend to wear us down and so coastal roads have become as important to our market as the city images for an entirely different reason.


We’re finding the SUV’s, 4WD’s and touring cars are sitting comfortably in the coastal road scenes – the freedom of a weekend out of town or a road trip further away.  Our roads offer the promise of liberation and renewal – to leave work, phones and every day distractions aside to get lost in where the road will take you.

Coastal roads will take you to our collection, they will inspire that weekend or road trip away and as importantly will offer a solution to the perfect environment for your next CGI auto render.  Everyone wants and needs to get away from the every day – one of our coastal roads will help you get there.


We love to shoot them as much as we love to find them – sunsets, sunrises,  dawn or dusk they’re all here