Backplate Magic!

Possible Backgrounds for Impossible Locations …

We license photographic backgrounds, 3D Environs and HDR Domes tailored to the auto market. Coastal highways, rugged country environments, unique cityscapes or anything in-between. There’s a good chance we’ll have the image to fit the brief with the added bonus that most of our assets are shot in either Australia or New Zealand. Perfect for this market and beyond.

If you’re up against budgets, timelines and the uncertain location scouting’s stay with us and check out our latest

The Home of the HDR Dome

Our 32 bit radiance .hdr files are captured simultaneously with our Background Environments. As we’ve grown so too have our Domes. Our ‘Super Domes’ are over 20,000px wide, 32bit in size and perfectly retouched. Use them not only as render domes but also Virtual Environments for Walkarounds or 360º Configuators.

The Before’s and the After’s

You’re after something unique and can’t quite find the perfect shot? You like that city underpass but how good would it look with a cityscape in the background. Anything’s possible – mix and match to create your own one-off.

We offer the cost effective option of licensing only what you need. Our 16bit Backplate files mean resolution and quality remain intact.



The Rest? That’s easy …

We’re about making the Bear Stock experience streamlined, painless and personalized.

Get in touch with Josie  any time for help with an image search or quick turnaround pricing based on your usage detail (no cookie cutters here at the Den!)

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