A rippin’ nor’wester only NZ can deliver …

A blistering and ripping nor’wester wind that only New Zealand can deliver so spectacularly

… take a look

One of our slated destinations was Castlepoint Beach – arguably one of the wildest and windiest locations in New Zealand. We found ourselves in this small beachside hamlet on the Wairarapa coast of the Wellington Region of New Zealand in high altitude crows nest accommodation offering a brilliant view out to the ocean –

View to the ocean

we bears could not have been more content!


Castlepoint Beach is home to a lighthouse which stands near the top of the northern end of a 1 kilometre long reef – the climb up and the negotiation down from this impressive lighthouse is a journey unto itself. Hold on to the grab rail and your breath!

blog-lighthouse by day

Command over the land and the sea


Up there the view out to the ocean, the coast and reef is truly magnificent.

I grew up in The Wairarapa and grew older visiting Castlepoint Beach each year. I will never tire of its rugged beauty, unpredictable weather patterns and imminent danger. It’s allure is powerful and still draws me. It was my pleasure to introduce Urs to all the mystery it holds as I knew it would have him hooked and addicted … as it most definitely has…

blog-Urs on balcony

Urs and the all powerful Castlepoint lighthouse