Bears Show Depth!


… When we say depth we mean 16 bit file deep

The advantage Bear Stock has over our competitors is that all our hires 2D Backgrounds (aka Back Plate files) are 16bit in colour depth which means the shot you get does not have to be the shot you get. We grade and supply our images to what we feel is appropriate to the backplate which can vary largely to what is appropriate for the product shot. That’s when the beauty and real benefits of supplying 16bit images becomes a reality.

Unlike 8bit our 16bit TIFF files allow you to adjust the colourspace, tone or contrast with no aliasing or banding issues. You’ll have 16 levels of intensity and over 280 trillion possible tones!

How good is that?

One processed 16bit file will give you many colour grade possibilities – here’s four wildly different options …





So, what else is new?

Shooting, cold mornings, more shooting, minus zero temps, interstate, out-of-state, timeworn or abstract. Loads of new locations and fresh environments.

If you can’t find quite what you’re looking for get in touch with Josie directly on  josie@bearstock.com – send us your brief and it would be our pleasure to take care of the search for you.