A sweet treat in NZ

Above Image:  ‘Sweet Leaf’ aka Mad Max on the water! She’ll pull a 20 ton cray-fishing boat over the gritty sand flats – no problem!

It’s been a good while between blogs and the time is well overdue for me to deliver fresh Bear Stock news feeds. Let’s start with our recent field trip to New Zealand … always a fresh and ever challenging   mission. We took to it with the usual gusto and enthusiasm that comes from … well … not knowing what’s out there for us, what obstacles we’ll need to navigate and the always present fear – what if we find nothing!

After snagging the first batch of images (my) calm was restored and we settled into a groove, our earlier concern a distant memory. Starting this time in the city of Wellington, moving on up to the Kapiti Coast of the lower North Island and through to the welcoming farmland community of The Wairarapa we prepped, recce’d and shot our way to image overload.

The beaches, the cities, the towns, the car parks, the farmlands and mountains, the storms and the calms – we shot them all. Consistently feeding to the site as we retouch – take a minute to check out the latest

New Zealand – with its rugged and exposed coastlines, ripping Nor’ Wester wind squalls and unpredictable weather patterns will always throw us the kind of challenges we love and love it we do …

We’ll be back there soon … aroha Aotearoa!