A day on Centre Court with Bear Stock

Earlier this week we took a little time to hit the centre court. We felt the Bear Stock 2D Backgrounds and 360 HDRI categories were lacking a certain something – a tennis court and an arena of seating.

We did what had to be done to make it happen and before we knew it we found ourselves in an expanse of blue ashphalt with the ghosts of great tennis players and roaring crowds stirring our imaginations.

The weather was on our side, the centre court was crazy hot and the clouds offered just enough cover to work in our favour. What an experience… and a climb in to the Umpire’s seat was a temptation too good to resist …

Urs shot a collection of backplates and 360 HDRI Domes from every conceivable angle.  Stay tuned you’ll see the results on site in the next few weeks. Believe me you won’t miss them – they’ll stand out bright and shiny blue.

Who says you can’t place a car in the centre of centre court?

If you’re after an arena, a tarmac, tunnel, coastal road, city street or you may have a special request – let us know! If you can’t find what you’re looking for on site we’ll always be happy to shoot for you if and where possible.

Keep it coming!