Latest newsletter for our 2D Backgrounds and 360 HDRI Domes

Just sent out our latest news earlier this week!  Take a look here where you’ll instantly be bought up to speed with the latest goings on here at the Bear den.

This time it was all about the meanderings of our Ursine photographer from the forest to the enticing bright lights of the city once again.

Lots of new imagery on site from tunnels to city streets, forests to country roads and loads more.  Always shooting, uploading and offering an expanding line up of new works.

Speaking of new works we recently worked with our new client Land Rover and Mercedes once again. Take a look at the following comps both utilising Bear Stock backplates.  The Land Rover job is a testament to how well a backplate can work to refresh an existing asset and the Merc shot is a great example of how far you can push a 3D auto build.  We think they both work equally well.  Different markets and a different way of using our Bear Stock 2D Backgrounds but the same highly polished result.

As always we’re here to help with an image search.  If time is not your friend we can be.  Send us your brief and we’ll take care of the rest.  You’re after un-watermarked jpg files for layout purposes?  Easy we can get those to you as fast as the speed of an internet connection.

Until next we meet on the blog happy hunting from the Bear Stock den …