Water crossings, Australian Bush and 2D Backgrounds

On a recent trip into NSW’s Western Highland’s Urs came upon a Creek.  It was a waterway in the middle of the Australian Native bush, forged from the weather and helped along by the ground conditions, the sediment and rock formations.  The water was clean and cold, the creek bed was perfect to shoot.  The aim was to capture it with a sense of movement, a sense of breath.  After all it needed to be the supporting act in the journey of your cross country SUV or 4WD.


Australian Bush Creek Crossing











The conditions were ideal, the sky was scattered with voluminous white clouds, the air was perfect quiet but for the occasional bell bird or whip bird and so the guys got to work.  It was about capturing the right angle and perspective of the creek bed to work with a bush driving vehicle and we like the result.

Time was on their side and so they also captured a 360º HDRI dome which completes the story.

360º HDRI dome


‘ The Bush’ is iconic and uniquely Australian – very different to the green and lush European landscapes.  Here at Bear Stock we aim to provide as many variations on our 2D Backplates and Domes as we can.  Click here where you’ll find variations on the Creek Crossing and much more.

Welcome to the Bear Stock den … Happy Hunting!