Bear Stock 2D Backgrounds work with Kia’s first ever Turbo Koup


Innocean Worldwide in Sydney contacted us in October looking for a backplate that would work for their Kia Cerato Koup Turbo to be launched via the mediums of large format Outdoor down to Dealer POS and Online.  The image needed to convey the pace and freedom the vehicle has to offer and we think the wide open road with it’s barren tussocky feel, clear blue skies and snow covered volcano dominating the horizon this backplate certainly does a great job.  Motion blur was added in the post production process to enhance the realism of the vehicle in situ.  The car was shot in studio and we think this is a fine example of how our backplates work equally well with an existing asset or with a CGI built vehicle.

The backplate was shot in minus 4ºC on a recent trip to New Zealand and is the result of a combination of four images stitched to form one ensuring the file size to be suitable for the large format Outdoor site it was ultimately used for.

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Happy Hunting from Bear Stock!