The use of motion blur on 2D Backgrounds


Let’s take a look at the use of motion blur in your 2D Backgrounds.  An interesting and relevant topic.   A great example of a static 2D Background treated with motion blur highlighting the effect at various ‘speeds’ can be seen on the following image.   There are many software applications out in the market and the one used in our image is Virtual Rig – a realistic motion blur simulation for both traditional photography and CGI.



Using curved motion blur software we can apply motion blur to back-plates and to our HDR Domes to assist in simulating what was once the domain of expensive and bulky camera rigs.  The speed can be adjusted depending on how ‘fast’ you want your vehicle to be travelling.  You as the Art Director or Artist can decide what to blur and to what extent.

At Bear Stock we like to give you the option in the post process to blur your images as little or as much as you need to and so you will find for the most part our 2D Backgrounds are posted to the site without motion blur.  In the rare cases where we have included a motion blur the process has been thought through prior to shoot and the motion blur  has been added   to compliment the image.

A great example …