Busy little Fiat works with 2D Backgrounds


Urs and CGI operator Dario Bulfone got busy again and the result is this charming Fiat 500 matched perfectly with a Bear Stock 2D Backplate.  The zippy little city car needed the right environment and we think this is perfect.


Fiat Backplate

Fiat Dome










Urs shot the backplate and matching 360 HDRI dome early one morning at the start of Spring.  The city captured as she’s waking up and the Fiat looking like she’s on a mission to get home before the sun comes up.  The dome was utilised in the 3D build to introduce the city and immediate lighting and environment reflections and information.  The operator will use the HDRI dome as a tool in the CGI vehicle build and will always have the ability to use as much or as little of this environmental information as is necessary.

We’ve been busy here at Bear Stock continuing to shoot and upload with more road trips and locations planned with the longterm view to continue to diversify and expand our offer.  Take a look through our 2D Backplates and if you can’t find what you’re after contact us and we’d always be happy to quote and and shoot specifically for you.  To check out our new stuff go to New Stock where you’ll see the very latest on offer.

Happy Hunting!