Images for Auto Environments

BearStock produces photographic images for Auto Environments designed to be used with 3D models, 2D images or on their own. These environments have been specifically created to provide a unique or dramatic setting to almost any vehicle. The creative process starts with location scouting. From coastal roads in New Zealand to the red earth of the Australian outback, BearStock produces shots that are on-trend and distinctive.

As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, finding highways that hug the ocean, free of housing and development is becoming increasingly difficult. BearStock photographers spend many hours looking for such breath-taking scenery. The resulting highway photography shots are perfect for campaigns looking to remind people of the freedom cars can deliver in contrast to their often gridlocked lives.

Distinctive to the photographs on BearStock is the composition for height and angles. While many stock image sources will offer striking landscapes and road images, they are often unsuitable for the ‘beauty angles’ that suit the way cars are shot.

Specific viewpoints to the road are needed to make the most of a car’s natural lines. Shots are taken wider and at a higher-resolution to allow CGI models to be moved around within the background and for greater media usage. This approach means BearStock shots can be used for double-page spreads without the need to further clone extra surroundings or backgrounds.

Unique to BearStock are our CG Environments which have been created to offer a cleaner, crisper option. These are backplates with the majority of elements computer generated created specifically for automotive imaging to use with existing 2D assets or CGI mesh models. All CG Environments come with matching 360º HDR Domes.

The files are massive with limitless usage from web applications to outdoor super sites and are supplied as 16 bit tifs to include lens specs and camera heights within the file’s meta data. The added bonus of customizing adjustments such as camera height, lens size, lighting direction and rendered textures make these backplates very versatile.

360° high dynamic range image (HDRi) ‘domes’ are shot on location to capture the environment data. These 360° files are shot at the same time and in the same environment as their matching Backplate images to assist the re-touchers with the lighting and reflection references that need to be rendered onto the 3D or CGI mesh model. Owing to their high resolution the HDR Dome can also be used as a “virtual environment” for the animation of 3D objects, walk-arounds, visualizers or 360º configurators.

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