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Well, hello 2019!

The first g’day for the year from the Bears Down Under

We’re all about the license of unique & dramatic photographic auto environments, to be used with 3D models, 2D images or on their own.

We’re proudly Australian and we shoot here or over there in New Zealand. Our images have been created with this market in mind and also offer a strong global appeal.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to …

More Coastal

If you’re after clean & stylish structures or open grass spaces, city environs, freeways, rural or coastal, concrete platforms, tunnels or tough dirt and desert and time’s tight get in touch and put us to work.

All image searches come free and pricing is based on your usage detail.

More Urban Concrete …

More tough, dry land …

A Render Dome or a Virtual Environment …

By utilizing the elements of the HDR Dome through the 3D render process your retoucher will have the tools to deliver a highly realistic end result.

Owing to their high resolution the HDR Dome can also be used as a “virtual environment” for the animation of 3D objects, walk-arounds, visualizers or 360º configurators.

We provide our 360° HDR files as a 32 bit radiance ‘.hdr’ file. This provides a great level of realism and latitude of grey tones. Starting with more picture information means better results throughout the production process.

Take a virtual tour through the Dome collection

Who would’ve thought …

… a Toyota Prado right at home in one of our Backplates

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