High quality stock photos, 2D backgrounds and 360 HDRI domes

New city backplates are extending our catalogue of urban locations. The hi-res images with matching HDRI domes are perfectly suited for any advertising or CGI production.

The Bear Stock photographers shoot backplate locations from multiple angles to provide comprehensive environments. These backplates are shot using hi end cameras and lenses with the 360º HDRI domes shot at the same time and location as the backplates to complete the package. The HDRI’s are the all important asset to help bring life to your 3D productions and are perfect as render domes or virtual environments – your choice.

Take a look at our HDRI files on offer and while you’re there the latest from our 2D Backplates  and once you’re ready let us know and we’ll be happy to provide a cost estimate based on your usage requirements.

We love a good image forage and so let us help you there. We know there’s never enough hours in the day, meetings merge, phones don’t stop ringing and before you know it you’ve skipped lunch and the day’s at an end. Send us your brief and we’ll get on to it for you. Easy.

We’re based in Sydney Australia and so we’re about providing imagery specific to down under – Australia and New Zealand backplates tend to dominate our offer which we’re proud of as a point of difference. To our Northern Hemisphere friends we welcome you and hope you find our imagery refreshingly different and you’ll be impressed enough to contact us if you think we can help you.

Ciao for now!