Bye bye 2015 … bring on 2016!

The Christmas Bear!


A massive thank you for the year that was – it’s been a blast! We’ve met and enjoyed dealing with a mix of new offshore clients. So good to work with new cultures, countries and time differences!

As the new year cracks its way over the horizon we’ll be out there hunting and foraging for new locations – heck we might even slide a few in over the break. We don’t know where the train will take us but we do know 2016 will be a huge year as we ramp up the collection and continue to invest in great service and consistent quality.

There will always be new adventures, new locations and we’ll be listening to you our clients – what is it you’re after, how can we improve, what are we missing! We love being the organic, service orientated and some would say ’boutique’ offer we are but hey this doesn’t make us a more expensive offer.

We’ll be around until Christmas Eve if you need us and back in the Den from Monday January 4 2016.

We wish you a safe & happy Christmas and will leave you with a cocktail of images to help slide you into the holiday spirit and celebrate all that is summer in Australia …