Awarded Sydney Car & Landscape photographer Urs Buhlman launches Australia’s first independent stills image library specialising in location backgrounds for 3D CGI Automotive models



With the long overdue launch of a stock library simply named ‘Bear Stock’ specialising in roadscapes, seascapes, landscapes, urbanscapes, people, conceptual images, HDRI 360º domes and more Urs is ready for a good flat head fish.

Being the determined perfectionist that he is though there’s no time for such indulgence. ‘Having worked so closely and so intensely with our long suffering web designers I can now understand why most sane image makers choose not to go down this path and to see it live is incredibly rewarding’ says Buhlman.

Swiss born Urs was named after the Ursus constellation, which in translation means ‘Bear’ and hence the name was born. “The transition to creating my own stock library seemed a natural progression” says Buhlman “our industry tends to rise and fall like the tides and in an effort to stabilise my professional life I’ve drawn on my experience as a car photographer and developed a site that offers premium stock images specialising in roadscape backgrounds for CGI purposes. I like to think of Bear Stock as the HDRI Road Photo Specialists”
As we like say at Bear Stock … Welcome to the bear stock den happy hunting!