Alpine 2D Backplates & 360 HDR Domes diversify Bear Stocks offer


A recent road trip to the Victorian Alps set the Bears on a collision course with Mother Nature. Australia’s Great Dividing range threw out the challenge and we took it on. Deliberately timed – no snow, no skiing but cold enough in the final blast of Autumn to experience a taste of what Winter had in store.

Three days of unpredictable weather conditions, alpine roads, crazy hairpin bends, 6000 ft above sea level altitude, fogs and alpine mists all rolled together to create an awesome collection worthy of the expedition.

The completed stockpile of alpine roads backdropped with stunning vistas and dynamic landscapes, cold country town scenes and snow gums  reminded us how diverse this Continent called Australia really is. Sure, Australia can turn on the hottest of hot but hard to convince the non believers in the furtherest reaches of the globe that she can throw us in to the bitterly cold too. Vast and exposed the alpine ranges was all of that and we came away with the memories and the images to immortalise the experience. Schnapps & Winter comfort food at the end of a tough day’s shooting was the reward…

Loved it!!

Yours to license. See your Performance Sports Auto, SUV or 4WD taking on the bends? Climbing the tussocks?  We can …