This week’s 2D backgrounds are Bridges!

Let’s take a look at bridges … they’re so vastly different not only in their construction, their uses but also how and where we find them.  The Bear Stock photographers get a bit excited when they find a bridge – well, one they’re not expecting to find – you know, those little rickety country bridges – the sort you think wouldn’t surely hold the weight of your foot steps let alone your car.  We love ’em.  The big city metropolis bridges are a feat of engineering and we love them just as much.

 Often the city bridge is offering an escape and the country bridge is somehow serving a more practical    purpose.  Bear Stock offers a selection of modern and traditional bridges for your advertising and CGI use.  Take a look at what we have on offer bridges


As with all our 2D backgrounds our bridges are retouched cleaned of any garbage, graffiti and signage, are graded and ready to go – for use in web applications to outdoor.  Our 16 bit file sizes ensure whatever your final use you can be confident we have you covered.  If for any reason you would prefer RAW files over the retouched files that’s ok too – just let us know.  You need any of our 2D backgrounds for layout purposes?  Easy, just give us a shout.