The dry and rugged Summer 2D Backgrounds

The Bears have just returned from a wonderfully productive and adventurous week in beautiful New Zealand.  So much to shoot … with never enough hours in the day. We spent our time in the South East corner of the North Island – a part of the country where the roads and fields are dry, the crops and animals even drier.

New Zealand in the summer – the smells, colors, textures of the farm crops, the long hot and dry days – we love it all.  The people were ever helpful and the opportunities to capture stunning imagery endless.  Like the furry variety – opportunistic, adaptable, solitary and experimental Urs was at his best when scouting and shooting for Bear Stock and we weren’t disappointed.  We put our gear to the test, braved the wind and dry heat and came away with what we consider to be a collection of unbeatable images from Airport Tarmacs to Cattle herds, country roads and classic country houses to mountainous river beds.  All shot with matching 360 HDRI Domes and plenty of room within the 2D Background plates for your autos.

We’ll leave you to explore the site and as always if you need help to find what you’re looking for contact us and take advantage of our free image search service.  Just send us your brief and we’ll take care of the rest.