The Bears Share!


So … you’re on the hunt for a coastal highway, a rugged country environment to match a 4WD or a cityscape that speaks to urban dwellers? We can help.

We’re photographers and through Bear Stock we offer Australian & NZ Environments for CG vehicle builds or to refresh the Background on existing assets. Not just exclusive to Auto clients our images work across the brand spectrum – any use, any client!

We shoot at dawn, daytime, dusk and at night with any number of weather conditions and road surfaces. All files are 16bit Tif, retouched, lightly graded and ready for use from web to outdoor supersites. They can be used with or without HDR Domes  but more on this later …



What is an HDRI and how does it work?


360° high dynamic range image ‘domes’ are shot at the same time and in the same environment as their matching Backplate images to assist the re-touchers with the lighting and reflection references that need to be rendered onto the CGI mesh model. Camera and lens information is also captured in the metadata to manage adjustments in the retouching process.

Owing to their high resolution the HDR Dome can also be used as a “virtual environment” for the animation of 3D objects, walk-arounds, visualizers or 360º configurators.
Bear Stock provides its 360° HDR file as a 32 bit radiance ‘.hdr’ file – providing a level of realism and latitude of grey tones. Starting with more picture information means better results throughout the production process!

Different … How?

We’re not monster-like and not here to compete with the oversized and under-serviced of the world but are proud to offer a streamlined and service driven experience.

Get in touch at any time for help with

*  A confidential image search
*  Prompt pricing based on your usage detail
*  Access to our non-watermarked files for layouts & client presos (register onsite to access immediately)

?  Oh and … we’re looking forward to sharing some exciting news soon!