The Bear Stock 2D Backgrounds and 360 HDRI search process just got easier

We weren’t entirely happy with how our search engine was behaving and so we had a long hard look at how we could improve the search process for you our valued clients. Now when you choose to use the search engine the process is easier than ever before. Stay with me here …

Simply enter the word or words as descriptors of the image you are wanting to find into the search engine. In this case let’s go with ‘city road’ – fairly safe as that includes 510 search results. The engine will then filter ‘city road’ by category and will offer up over 400 in the 2D Backplates category, 3 HDRI domes, 1 Industrialscape, 5 Landscapes and so on. You can then click on the category that is relevant to your brief and up will come the relevant images in sequential order – in other words images grouped according to their specific collection. This is important as you need to see the entire collection of any image all together – to allow you to view the options of different angles, perspectives or composition.

While I’m on the subject of searches – if you’re short on time and need our help just  contact Josie and we’d be happy to take care of a search for you – easy. We love an image search – right up our city alley.


2D Backgrounds image search