That’s Christmas Sorted!


This is Hunter!


He’s the newest Bear Stock team member created as a collaboration between Bear Stock’s Urs Buhlman and CG Artist Paul Gawman to help oil the wheels of brand Bear Stock. A big thank you to Paul for creating our new buddy – he’s a cracker. Stay tuned as he will surely feature more in our 2D Backgrounds and keep us on our toes, tails up to continue the hard work!

Looks like Hunter’s taken to the new gig like a bear to the salmon streams and tells us he couldn’t be happier now that he’s discovered a fish market within a bear romp from the office. Crazy days.

A massive thank you from our new buddy and the Bear Stock team for the year that was – it’s been wild!

We’ll be out there foraging for new locations, ramping up the collection and continuing to invest in great service, fresh ideas and consistent quality as the new year cracks its way over the horizon down under.

We’re around until Christmas Eve and back in the Den hungry for the hunt from Monday January 9.

… Here’s cheers to a safe, happy and relaxing break. We’ll catch you again in 2017!