Sweet 2D Backgrounds

How sweet it is!

Breathe in the humidity, smell the canefields, smile and think … this is Australia

We’re all about the supply of Backplates and 360º HDR Domes and are proud to offer a collection of the best of Australia and New Zealand – from city and beachside car parks to down and dirty industrial environs, city roads, country roads and yep now cane fields!

Woo Hoo!

If it’s abandoned industrial warehouses or wind blown and weathered work site environments you’re after get in touch and put us to work. All image searches come free and pricing is based on your usage detail


Or … maybe you’re thinking a freeway expanse … We’re up and at it before the birds chirp – suburban, urban and interurban!












We’re sensing a lean toward parking platforms and so we’ve ramped up our offer …


DB_ROA_0029.tif   UB_ROA_1196

Don’t forget you can mix and match!

You may fancy the background of one image and the foreground of another or you’re loving a particular image but it needs a city scape in the background? Combine several into one, just pay a single price and the result is one unique image!

blog-mix and match PM

The finer detail …

What can you expect to pay for an image license? Contact us with your usage details for a speedy quote. Check in with Your Tour Guide if you’re after a site escort …

And …  for all enquiries please contact Josie

As we say at the Den … tread carefully, hunt well and we’ll catch you next time