So … You’re re-designing your site


BearStock has a new site … As heady as this has been for us to live through, build manage, launch and learn from we’ve come to the realization two site builds in one lifetime has been pretty hard core!

Over 12 months in the making, the organic process certainly threw some challenges. Our site runs deep; there’s layers and we had to get it right. Fortunately our Web Developer and our Designer were both up for the demanding task. Who’d be a Web Developer? I have a new found respect.

Site design works hand in hand with functionality so early in the process we found ourselves on the hunt for a great web designer. This person had to understand what we do as a business (not easy), the role an HDR Dome plays in the retouching process (can be tricky to get your head around) and importantly how to make the onsite user experience sing. We didn’t need to look too far as our man was part of the Bear Den … thank you Dario Bulfone. Dario worked ridiculously closely with BearStock’s Urs Buhlman and our Developer Nick Kind.

There were tense moments and many a time we could see the finish line only to be tripped over in the dark by a rogue silent policeman – don’t see too many on our streets these days but you know when you hit one. While we were busy building & developing Urs had the daunting task ahead of him – to re-load all the images from our old site to the new. This was not party time at the Bear Den – it had to be done with commitment, care and tenacity. Toward the end we had to starve our current site to feed our new, it was a fine balance.

Would we do anything differently? Hindsight’s always a great thing. Are we happy and proud of the site? The answer is yes. Did we learn and come through the build still speaking with each other – hell yes!

Client feedback? We’ll keep you posted …