Shooting the shooter!

The places we find ourselves … where are we and why is this building abandoned? Who knows but it’s caught the eye of our discerning BearStock shooter. We shoot auto environment Backplates and HDRi Domes.

Anywhere you’d expect to find a vehicle. Old disused buildings, freeways, country lanes, tunnels, parking platforms, seaside rest areas. We spend time on the hunt and we fill in the gaps. What is the site missing, what’s trending and more importantly what do libraries like BearStock.com need for the future?

Whether you’re looking for a coastal highway, a rugged country environment to match a 4WD vehicle, or a unique city scape that speaks to city dwellers, chances are we have something we can help you with. We know our library and are always happy to help with a search.

From straight to curved city streets, coastal drives, freeways, country tracks, bridges, tunnels, car parks, ramps and more.
 You can also search for a number of different road surfaces from tarmac, asphalt, bitumen gravel, earth, sand and concrete.

You may only require certain elements from an image and so we offer the cost-effective option of licensing only what you need. This offers you the freedom of mixing and matching to create your own image. The end result will not only be unique but without loss of resolution or quality.

All our images have been lightly graded, retouched, un-necessary signage & rubbish removed – ready to go. By virtue of their 16 bit, 300ppi file size for backplates and 32 bit for 360° HDR Domes you will always have the latitude to adjust the grade and look.

We’re always happy to offer up RAW files for you to do your own thing but keep in mind – what you see on site is often a pristine version of the reality. Rubbish, building signage, street junk and road signs are all taken care of in our retouching process.

RAW’s or Retouched – your call.