Nothing Like A Stockshot!


The Purpose of The HDRi Dome

The 360° HDRi Dome is shot on location to capture the environment data at the same time and in the same environment as their matching Backplate so they assist the retouchers with the lighting and reflection references that need to be rendered onto a CG mesh model.

If a car needs to reflect an urban architecture in its metallic panels, its windscreen and side mirrors, the HDRi Dome ensures a seamless marriage between both elements. Because of this we are able  to deliver a highly realistic result.

Because of their high resolution the HDRi Dome can also be used as a virtual environment for the animation of 3D objects, walk-arounds, visualizers or 360º configurators.

You’re after a coastal highway, a rugged environment to match a 4WD or a cityscape that speaks urban. Good chance we’ll have something to work your brief.

Made in Australia with a sprinkle of NZ. Perfect for this market and beyond …

Use our Backplates as environments for CG created vehicles or to refresh the Background on traditionally shot vehicles.



And here’s why BearStock’s HDRi Dome and Backplate options works …

We’re a RM library with a difference with a focus on the niche auto market.

We manage your licenses, because we own and operate we understand deadlines, we do our best on budget and respond ridiculously quickly.

Need help with an image search? Hit us up with your brief or mood board and we’ll take care of it, confidentially of course.

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All license requirements are different, share your usage details with us so we can quote you right back.

We’re budget friendly too! You may only want certain elements from an image? Because we offer the option of licensing only what you need you can mix and match to create your own unique image without loss of resolution or quality.