Kangasaraus Rex

We are proud to blog feature a true collaboration with Bear Stock photographer Urs Buhlman and 3D Artist Paul Gawman 



Conceived over several cups of coffee, this project was the perfect opportunity to get our teeth stuck into some creature creation and to highlight the versatility of Bear Stock’s backplates and HDRI’s.

Says Urs: “The plan was to create an evolutionary and iconic CG animal evolved to take advantage of Australia’s ever increasing road kill and various randoms that have managed to make their home in Australia’s forests and outer suburban foliage. The result is one hungry, butt kicking hybrid kangaroo x pre-historic T-Rex.”

We’ve actually become quite attached and we think they’re looking right at home in our 2016 environment. Can’t says we’d be happy to encounter one of these guys on our weekend bush walk though! Yikes!!

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