Go Hard or Go Home


2D Backgrounds

With the Defqon.1 hard house trance festival on again, Urs decided to go raw and hard in his photographic intent and sentiment. It was time to crank up the sensor, face the pumping 664,000 watt amp output that drove the fanatical and unpredictable party goers united by their motto, “Go Hard or Go Home!”

Like a good slow-cooked lamb roast – the day started relaxed and long and quickly ramped up to become the massive night eruption that was Defqon.1 2015. The threatening rain and clouds didn’t scratch the surface of the gathering crowd’s mood or have any effect on the pumping heart of the event. People gathered dressed in the spirit – No guts, No Glory! A groundbreaking fusion of hip-hop and hard style, it saw the respective heavyweights of the scene come together for a genre-defying, passion fuelled final explosion.

Urs was amongst it from late morning to late into the night. With the unexpected opportunity to gain backstage access he mixed it with the mixers. DJ’s and the support team embraced his presence and welcomed the camera. They had a job to do – the energy and the dedication to the moment, the day, the night and the commitment to the 21,000 strong crowd culminated in a massive finale.

The images captured are priceless. Moments of the day, seconds of opportunity …