From Serene to Stormy …


Bear Stock is about Australian and NZ environments for your Auto comps. Photographic or CG backplate’s & 360 HDRi Domes created with our market in mind and offering a strong global appeal. From rugged coastal to polished and contemporary. Come check out our latest offer where weather played a starring role …









360 HDRi Domes:

Our VR-Environments are perfectly retouched at 32bit in size. Use them as render domes or virtual worlds. The resolution will allow you to even slice a section to use as a Backplate!


The Rest is Easy!

We’re all about making the Bear Stock experience streamlined and personalised so please contact Josie if you’d like help with …


You may only require certain elements from an image and so we offer the cost-effective option of licensing only what you need. This offers you the freedom of mixing and matching certain images to create your own unique image without loss of resolution or quality. It also gives you the peace of mind that there ain’t another image out there quite like yours!

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