City at night


The city at night is spectacular – the lights, the smells, the sounds, the sights.  At Bear Stock we’re constantly on the hunt for new city environments from true city sky scrapers, darker side streets, historic and rustic alleys, waterside and aspirational to ‘let’s leave the city behind us’  locations.  We see the city teasing us with her lights to come closer and by contrast we see her at peace.  We feel, smell and hear her – ever aware of what she gives and takes and what she can offer us.  Shooting in the city at night holds a hundred stories and as solitary as the images look they are often captured moments amid a frenzy of activity.  Knowing when it’s just right to shoot the image is instinctual yet experimental and always  challenging.

The true beauty of the night city can be seen when you  check out our cities by clicking on the roadscapes or 2D backplates categories.  Just enter your key words into our search box and take your time exploring our cities with us.