Bear Stock’s latest Australian Creative article


Another special thank you to Australian Creative editor Candide MacDonald and the hard working journalists at Yaffa Publishing for the very latest Bear Stock  article published today.  The article is an expose on our recent road trip out West to the NSW Outback.  An anecdotal behind the scenes look at what went down and the hours taken to travel over 3,000 km from Sydney to Broken Hill and back.  Ever eventful and challenging the trip reaped the rewards of the planning and embracing the unknown.  Urs and Milos took it on and returned with a collection of stunning images depicting the beauty of the barren & solitude environments.



They needed to work out how to manage the heat, the winds, the flies, the wildlife and the best times to navigate these challenges … and they did … as you’ll see when the images are up on site.  The 2D Backplates and 360º HDRI domes will offer iconically Australian outback images perfect for your 4WD and SUV vehicle builds.  There’s also a collection of non road shots which capture the essence of the environment and will also be available for license.

Stay tuned … and check out the article here


Outback Highway

Mine Junk Broken Hill