Atmospheric and birds eye 2D Backgrounds

There’s nothing like an atmospheric city in the dawn light. The streets are deserted, the street lamps are burning, an office light on here and there. Not a car or a human to be seen – it’s eerie. A lone taxi might cruise past, slowing down, hoping for a fare. Otherwise, the emptiness takes over.

… perfect setting for your SUV or sports performance auto…

Meanwhile we’ve been mixing it up. Lots of new images in the production queue waiting to be processed. We took a ferry ride earlier in the week – snagged some great concrete bunker shots and a whole new story of images –  so much more to come. Keep checking in on new stock

Providing variations on any one theme is what we do so you’ve got choices. Got something interesting going on from above? How about a birds eye perspective …

Don’t forget we’re here to help with your ‘mix and match’ shots too. You might want to license only sections of an image, to build your own unique backplate. Anything’s possible. The city from above – gives a sense of the metropolis spreading to the horizon. It can easily add depth and dimension.

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