1 360 HDRI file + 1 2D backplate image = 1 final comp worth talking about

We did a test and we have to say we’re pleasantly inspired with the result

Here’s the story behind the image

Backplate photographer Urs Buhlman worked with 3D operator Dario Bulfone to create the Camero 3D comp you see here.

The backplate, shot early one winter morning on the rooftop of a city car park, has a distinct and unmistakeable gothic feel.  It was cold, it was dark and not the most welcoming place to be hanging out at 6am.   The 360 HDRI dome was captured at the same time, in the same light.










Both were combined in the post production process to provide the perfect environment to bring the car to life.  The poppy look of the car, the environment lighting and reflections, the colour and feel of the scene all work together to create an image that tells its own story.

If you look closely the Camaro’s been stripped of its wheels, the wheeljack’s been left behind and so too has the DNA on the milkshake straw.  Evidence to suggest  all is not as it should be.

We like our images to tell a story and we think you’ll agree … this one leaves you wondering

Stay tuned …